I base my paintings on collages. The collages are assemblies of disparate imagery which I find for the most part on the internet. My aim is to find an unexpected coherence from the random inputs. Often the collage will coalesce around figures thrust into a new environment: I keep revising the collage until a surprising reason emerges for their presence there. The process is broadly a search for a combination of images which resonate in an unexpected way. The search is guided by formal concerns (composition is important to me) and thematic ones (figures engaged in ambiguous behaviour for example). I want the final image to have a feeling of inevitability. A collage goes through multiple transformations until, to quote Neil Young, 'it has the spook'. When it reaches this point I use it as the basis for a painting. I try to make the composition strong enough so that if I veer from it -following new routes the paint takes - the structure remains. My main hope is to create new worlds with each picture. Not ones that I necessarily believe in...but I like the possibility that they might exist.


New pictures are posted to Nick's Instagram account.


Nick's studio is in The Bomb Factory, Archway, London.


Krilova Stelfox Gallery, London
Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
Christie's, St James's, London
Espacio Ribborn, Barcelona
Teatro Riereta, Barcelona
The Century Gallery, Henley-on-Thames
Panorama Gallery, Barcelona
Can Felipe, Barcelona

Nick is affiliated to Singulart.

Nationwide poster campaign for M & C Saatchi (commended in Creative Review)
Lurzers International Archive 2004 and the Design and Art Direction Annual 2005
Bogey Magazine (cover)
Adrenalin Magazine (runner up 2005 Magazine Awards Illustration Award)
Flush Magazine
The Stool Pigeon

Educated: Edinburgh College of Art (B.A. Painting), Winchester School of Art (M.A. Fine Art).